We hack Germany

ARD 22.9.2017 / 60min / Filmtank Berlin / Documentary by Marcel Kolvenbach and Michael Richter

Burglar approach a house with a drone. With the data they are recieving this way, they will take over electronic locks and deactivate the alarm system. Without leaving any physical trace, two young men enter the building. But this is about more than just burglary. The investigative TV documentary shows how this strategy could do a much greater damage to the entire society: a wide spread blackout, the power for the entire energy supply not only of Germany, but of all of Europe is at stake...

How secure is the "Smart Home"?

An ecological lighthouse-project paves the way: the digitization of the power stations. Marcel Kolvenbach's research shows how vulnerable those technical systems are, which should be our energetic future. Smart meters, routers, wind power and solar systems - everything could become a dangerous weapon when malicious hackers enter the networked systems.

Kolvenbach encounters numerous experts with a hacking experience, who will demonstrate how quickly an intruder is "in", if one only has the appropriate technological know-how.

Deceptive promises

All this happens at a time when the "Internet of Things" enters our private spaces, with intelligent coffee machines, self-organizing refrigerators or smart light bulbs, controlled by the mobile phone. In addition, there are monitoring systems that meet the great need for more personal security.

"We hack Germany" makes clear how deceptive these security promises are. We are becoming more and more vulnerable. Recent examples are the router attack on telecoms, where almost one million people have been cut off from the Internet, or the extortion of a hospital by criminals who encrypt all data through malicious software like in the "wannacry" cyberattack.

Cyber attacks as warfare

The film shows how power cuts through cyber attacks are part of a hybrid warfare and lead to a general uncertainty and destabilization of the state. However, the responsible persons in the Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) are convinced: Blackouts like in the Ukraine are not likely in Germany. This attitude shakes the film: Whether cable modem or wind turbine control, whether smart home or smart meter - the new intelligent controls, with which life is networked, are dauntingly easy to crack. With dramatic consequences.

A film by Marcel Kolvenbach and Michael Richter