BR 29.11.2016 60min


The Infinite Journey

UFA Lab / 60 min / Kamera und Co-Regie: Marcel Kolvenbach

A Refugee's life in Kenya and Greece - Images: (c) Kolvenbach, Kalmaz


Germany, 2016: After the summer of refuge, the transmedia documentary project "Tahrib - The infinite journey" joins refugees on their journey (tahrib) from East- and West-Africa, crossing the Sahara and the Mediterranean. Filmed in Kenya, Niger and Libya, Israel and Turkey the film portraits people on the run to a better future. Finally they are stranded on a Greece island. EU territory, but stll far from their dreams.

"Tahrib - The Infinite Journey" does not end at the outer borders of Europe. The online part of the project extends to the current situation in Germany. Merkesl: "We will manage!" with a question mark: of "yes, but how?" Is the initial question. How do Germans deal with the new situation of refugees next door?

In individual user's Journeys will start on social media and guide you to a cross-project site, where you can follow the ideas of individuals, each formulate their personal thesis, as the refugee crisis had to master in Germany.

"Tahrib - The Infinite Journey" is a project on a par with the viewer and the protagonist. "Tahrib - The Infinite Journey" is a production of the UFA LAB on behalf of the BR.

Editor: Thomas Sessner


Redaktion: Thomas Sessner


Gesamtregie: Karsten Laske

Co-Regie: Marcel Kolvenbach

Drehbuch: Karsten Laske

Autoren: Floris Asche

Martin Maurer

Produzenten: Kristian Costa-Zahn

Marc Lepetit

Producer: Floris Asche

Kamera: Marcel Kolvenbach

Schnitt: Katherina Schmidt, Nina Caspers, u.a.

Nizam Najjar (Libyen)


Qaabata Boru (Kenia)

Nizam Najjar (Libyen)

Jolijn Geels (Niger)

Ayse Kalmaz (Türkei)

Konstantinos Koukoulis (Griechenland)





Nach einer Idee von Floris Asche