Turkish for Wedding.

IFAGE, WDR 2015 / 90 min / a film by Ayse Kalmaz and Marcel Kolvenbach

Fotos: Bernd Spauke


"Why don't you stay with us in Turkey? Why do you always return to the gray, cold north?" ask friends and relatives when Ferhat after a short vacation in Turkey flies back to the Ruhrarea. The large mines have been closed long time ago, GM's Opel was shut down, the last blast furnaces wait for their demolition or are shipped to China. The Ruhr is dead - you would think if you travel by local train through ghost towns, abandoned factories, empty streets. Entire neighborhoods are demolished and turned into parks. And then, right in the middle of all this mess, on a shopping street in Marxloh you discover another world: Bridal shop after bridal shop, bridal fashions, jewelry, accessoires and photographers, musicians in the side streets: one mile of wedding dreams. Entire families arrive from Belgium, Holland, France, England and Switzerland to find the right wedding dress, the jewelry or to do their hair. Everything you get in Turkey, you can also get here, just more convenient, in a nutshell. The dresses are sewn in Izmir, recut and fitted in Marxloh. In the midst of the industrial wasteland a wedding paradise has been created. The film follows people like Ferhat, the wedding man who organizes everything from the hall to the musicians, Nihal and Alish offering in her wedding house not only fashion but also hairstyles and beauty, or wedding artists like Hatice, with their exclusive wedding dresses, the most unusual wishes their customers satisfied: Haute Couture on Wesel Street. And then there are the couples to make to first step into real life, sometimes young and inexperienced, under the close scrutiny of their parents or those who after 15 years of love, life and children now finally officially want to say “yes”, because finally the time is right. And so we dive into a – to many people - unknown, fascinating parallel reality, just next door. The film presents archaic wedding traditions that are still alive today and a modern, cosmopolitan life of the turkish community that ticks so different than radical fundamentalists and their militant opponents try to tell uns these days. Simply pure life to celebrate!


Produced by IFAGE Filmproduktion in colaboration with WDR German TV

Commissioning editor: Jutta Krug, WDR
Directed by Marcel Kolvenbach, Ayse Kalmaz
Camera: Marcel Kolvenbach
Sound: Ayse Kalmaz
Edit: Katharina Schmidt
Executive Producer:Volker Schmidt-Sondermann
Andrea Haas
Sound-Track: Sinem Altan


With funding from:

Film und Medien Stiftung NRW

Deutscher Filmförderfonds

Hessische Filmförderung



BR Report on the Film and Filmmakers



US Premiere


German Premiere DOKfest München 6.5.2016