Ausstellung 27.1. - 2. März 2013

eslewhere Paradise


Group Exhibition: paintings by Anne Kolvenbach, photography by Marcel Kolvenbach.

for the last 3 years, the painter Anne Kolvenbach and documentary filmmaker Marcel Kolvenbach have produced images. The inside out, the outside turned to the inside. The result are images that deal with the other, other cultures in Africa, based on the "muzungu" - this "aimless wandering stranger" and the projections of the inner stranger to the canvas. Inspired by  the book "The way to Paradies"  by the Peruvian author Vargas Llosa, about the search for paradise by the painter - Gauguin and his revolutionary grandmother  Flora Tristan, this exhibition is named.

Exhibition opening. Sunday May 27, January 2013, 12:00 - 15:00, gallery Splettstößer, Kaarst. Introduction: Thomas Brandt. Thursday 21, February 2013, 19:00 a dialogue with documentary filmmaker Marcel Kolvenbach on the stories behind his images.