WDR, TVE, SIC, DR2, VRT / 2013 / 90 min

* Gold Wold Medal - New York Festivals 2014 / * nominated GRIMME PREIS 2014 / * Best Green Report / Green Screen Festival 2013


Clean Energy's Dirty Secrets

The Filmmaker travels the African continent and investigates the hidden plans of the nuclear industry: DRC, Niger, Tanzania and others plan to go nuclear. New nuclear power plants in Africa also mean more uranium mining, contaminating the environment and endangering the local population. Radiation levels around some mines are dangerously high and there has been a sharp increase in birth deformities. Frequently, protesters like Golden Misabiko are thrown into jail or even murdered. 



author, director, camera: Marcel Kolvenbach / fixer: Jolijn Geels  (Niger), Jeanette Mokobane  (Südafrika), Simone Schlindwein (Kongo DRC) / edit: Karl-Heinz Satzger / assistant: Andreas Walter / translation: Elizabeth Muthee / sound mix: Markus Löbel / original music: Imaran‘ Aïr D‘Agadez / composer: Martin-Luc Vansteenkiste / archive research WDR: Bärbel Fixemer, Karl H. Rex / assistant: Philip Jedecke, Lukas Roegler / commissioning editor: Jutta Krug(WDR)